UAV365 use a completely mobile LiDAR mapping solution

Mining and quarrying

Equally capable above ground or underground, indoors or out, UAV365 use both terrestrial laser scanners and a completely mobile LiDAR mapping solution.

We can help you put an end to hazardous inspections and surveys in high risk environments and we can deliver unprecedented analytical insights for all your mining decision making. Using AI and SLAM LIDAR technology we can programme fully autonomous flights to explore the unexplored.

We can work in low light or total darkness, can provide highly accurate volumetric data prior to blasting, and rapid high-resolution stockpile analysis in quarrying, providing regular essential information for site planning, stock management, auditing and tracking of stocks of gritting salt or any other material. 

Mining and quarrying case studies

The case studies below provide some recent examples of our work in the Mining and Quarrying sector, but whatever your mapping, surveying or inspection challenge is, please contact us to explore how we can deliver the right solution for you. 

To view all our case studies please click here.