infrastructure surveys


We’ve surveyed a huge variety of infrastructure from rail, road, sea defences, to sewers and canal aqueducts. We can go into places where it’s too dangerous for your engineers and operatives and too inaccessible for CCTV, revealing new insights.

We can produce rich and accurate survey data, 3D textured meshes and colourised point clouds of structures and provide you with the material you need for pinpoint desktop analysis, highlighting where damage exists and where repairs are needed.

We can map inaccessible or GPS-denied areas and are equally capable above ground, under bridges, or up close to your critical infrastructure, providing timely surveying solutions without the need to halt services or close transport links.

Infrastructure case studies

The case studies below provide some recent examples of our work across many types of Infrastructure, but whatever your inspection challenge is, please contact us to explore how we can deliver the right solution for you. 

To view all our case studies please click here.