Water Course Surveys

water course surveys

Surveying safely in inaccessible locations producing a variety of outputs. A LIDAR survey was conducted to record and understand bank erosion, for comparison in later years to confirm the amount of erosion.

This video case study brings together different aspects of our work for Scottish local authority Falkirk Council, showcasing water course surveys using different techniques, producing 4K video footage, point clouds and 3D mesh fly throughs, by operating drones in confined spaces and in overgrown, inaccessible locations.

Falkirk Council
Falkirk, Scotland
Tech used:
HovermapST, Flyability Elios 2 drone
Geolocated interactive map with inspection videos , Point Cloud from LIDAR data, 3D model of inspection images
#mapping #pointcloud #data #surveying #inspections #drones #lidar #3Dmesh #LocalAuthority #confinedspaces