Wastewater Siphon Inspection

wastewater siphon inspection

UAV365 worked alongside Yorkshire Water and Peter Duffy Ltd. to inspect a siphon using the Flyability Elios 2. 

Initially the siphon required a pump to extract the water to a suitable level for the survey to be carried out. Our team then established ground control utilising a GPS unit and total station. Finally, the Elios 2 was deployed into the confined space capturing raw footage of the asset. This data was further processed, creating a point cloud and 3D model of the siphon.

Despite the bottom of the siphon being full of water, using both the point cloud and existing drawings, the entrances were then connected providing a clear digital representation of the Siphon geometry, assisting volumetric and flow calculations.

Peter Duffy Ltd., Yorkshire Water 
Sheffield, England
Tech used:
Leica GS15, Leica Total Station, Flyability Elios 2
Interactive 3D model, High resolution imagery, Point clouds, CAD deliverables
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