River Ryburn Inspection

river ryburn

Our challenge was to survey the length of an overgrown water course and to locate and inspect a sewer pipe running down the length of a 3km section of river. 

3D digital surface models were produced by the Emesent Hovermap ST, and processed within CAD. Inspection hatches in the sewer pipe were geo-located and annotatable inspection images taken by the manually flown drone for later desktop analysis. 

This was an extremely challenging location that to survey by traditional methods would have taken several days. By deploying our drone and scanning technology a detailed topographical survey was completed in two days. 

Peter Duffy Limited
West Yorkshire, England
Tech used:
Emesent Hovermap ST, DJI Mini 3
Digital surface models, point cloud, inspection imagery, CAD drawings
#survey #civilengineering #mapping #watercourse