Nerston Road Water Tank

Nerston road water tank

A recent collaboration with Mackenzie Construction put the Flyability Elios 2 to the test with a large water tank measuring 55x47 metres. The Elios prevailed and captured the water tank in its entirety in under 2 hours.

The Emesent Hovermap ST was then utilised alongside the DJI M300 RTK drone to collect both handheld and aerial data of the site extents. All combined with ground control points to tie the data together, surveyed using our Leica GPS.

The outputs from this project include a fully georeferenced photogrammetry and LiDAR pointcloud with an accompanying  3D mesh model. Raw footage taken from the DJI M300 flight was also compiled into marketing material. The 3D model was uploaded to Nira - a web-based viewing platform, which makes it possible for companies to view assets on multiple devices with a secure internet connection.

Mackenzie Construction
Glasgow, Scotland
Tech used:
DJI M300 RTK drone, DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, Leica GPS, Emesent Hovermap ST
Fully interactive geolocated 3D model, pointcloud
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