Liggat Syke

Liggat Syke

UAV365 worked with West Lothian Council to inspect a culvert measuring 30m in length.

On our first visit to the site we deployed the Flyability Elios 2 confined space inspection drone to capture thousands of images of a culvert channel, however, a chamber entrance of less than 500mm prevented the Elios from completing the inspection.

Therefore, we made a secondary visit equipped with the Multinnov ROView2 rover. This unit is smaller than the Elios and navigates on land, allowing access to especially tight entrances. The ROView also features a waterproof hull allowing it to float in shallow waters.

The ROView’s compact design enabled us to inspect the remaining chamber situated between the two channels that the Elios initially inspected. Ultimately replacing the reconstructed culvert channel BIM model from the first visit, with a highly detailed pointcloud derived from raw data captured by the ROView.

West Lothian Council
Broxburn, Scotland
Tech used:
Flyability Elios 2, Multinnov ROView 2, Leica GPS
Interactive geolocated 3D model, pointcloud, CAD deliverables, BIM
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