Leven Railway Viaduct


UAV365 recently conducted a comprehensive survey of the Leven railway viaduct on behalf of MHB Consultants Ltd. The railway tracks are set at a level of 7.9 metres above water level, and the viaduct measures 480 metres in length over the 8-mile-long River Leven, which flows from Windermere to Morecambe Bay.
Ground control was first established on both sides of the river bank and on the Viaduct itself. We then deployed the DJI M300 RTK drone, executing both automated and manual flights to capture 1200 high-resolution images of the viaduct, ensuring all 49 piers were captured in their entirety. Low tide times also had to be considered to ensure the full extent of the asset was captured. Two days on-site ensured that all necessary data was collected and ready for processing.

The benefits of mass data collection, as conducted on this asset, both remove the need for any return visits to site and provide the option to extract additional information if required. This is particularly useful for time-sensitive assets such as Leven viaduct.

MHB Consultants Ltd.
Ulverston, England
Tech used:
Leica GS15, DJI M300 RTK, DJI Mini 3 Pro
Interactive 3D model, High resolution imagery, Point clouds, CAD deliverables
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