Edinburgh West End

Edinburgh West end

UAV365 utilised the Emesent Hovermap ST to laser scan the city of Edinburgh covering nearly 1 km² within a few days, scanning from the West End to Waverley station including the Grassmarket, Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle.

All LiDAR data showcased in this video was collected in one hour and thirty minutes whilst configured to the backpack. The purpose of these scans was to provide a large dataset in which we hope to demonstrate some of the often unseen tools we use on a regular basis.

This video highlights the huge benefits of Trimble Business Center's (TBC) point cloud classification tool, isolating various features such as: buildings, lampposts, vegetation and ground surface features with ease. This software allows for complex point clouds to be categorised and ordered, thus making for efficient analysis and digitisation.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Tech used:
Emesent Hovermap ST
3D model, Pointcloud, LiDAR, Classification
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